Asuka Kazama Tekken 8 Frame Data

Asuka Kazama, a practitioner of the famous Kazama-style ancient martial arts, is renowned as a meddlesome arbitrator in disputes. Following her victory over the wealthy heiress, Lili, in a previous edition of The King of Iron Fist Tournament, Asuka found herself constantly pursued by Lili for various reasons. Lili’s eccentric behavior escalated day by day, leading to unfortunate incidents such as the acquisition and extravagant redecoration of Asuka’s home dojo. However, this tumultuous daily life was on the verge of coming to an end with the impending global invasion by the G Corporation…

Elevate your Asuka Kazama gameplay in Tekken 8 with our in-depth frame data analysis! Uncover the secrets of this formidable character, gaining a competitive advantage in every battle. Our comprehensive guide delves into Asuka Kazama’s frame data, providing key insights that will refine your moves, enhance your combos, and sharpen your defensive strategies.

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