Yoshimitsu Tekken 8 Frame data

Yoshimitsu Tekken 8 Frame data
Yoshimitsu Tekken 8 Frame data

Dive into the Tekken 8 experience with Yoshimitsu’s Frame Data, an inheritor of the Manji Ninjutsu and the current head of the Manji Clan, a group of chivalrous thieves with roots tracing back to the Sengoku period.

Half a year prior, Yoshimitsu took on a task for an investor in the refugee relief project: to unearth archives revealing the Mishima Zaibatsu’s historical actions. After meticulous analysis of his clan’s gathered intel, Yoshimitsu is guided to an ancient underground cave linked to Mishima exorcisms. Utilizing his armored technology, he navigates the decrepit path and stumbles upon the coveted archives.

Suddenly, the faint demonic aura enveloping the archives resonates with Yoshimitsu’s cursed blade, unleashing a surge of malevolence. The Cursed Blade Yoshimitsu, a generational relic of the Manji Clan, succumbs to insatiable bloodlust, driving its wielder, Yoshimitsu, to the brink of madness. To sate the blade’s thirst, Yoshimitsu willingly pierces himself, yet the blade intensifies in uncontrollability.

Returning to the clan, Yoshimitsu learns to suppress the cursed sword’s malevolent will, albeit barely, with guidance from the elders. The cursed blade’s persistent call remains, leading Yoshimitsu to declare, “If the source of this voice is the sword’s root, I will sever it.”

Guided by the enigmatic blade, Yoshimitsu, equipped with Dr. Bosconovitch’s latest reinforced armor, embarks on a journey from Secret Manji Village to uncover the truths his cursed weapon seeks.

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